The Pergola in Spring

The Pergola in Spring
Japanese quince blossoms at the Pergola - 10 April 2011

The Pergola in Hampstead Heath is often described as one of London's best kept secrets. Taking a walk there certainly always feels a bit like exploring a secret, hidden place; even more so in the summer months, I find. When the Pergola is covered with flowering climbing plants, there is so much to look at and admire.

It won't be very long now and the wisteria will be in bloom, followed by the roses later on. The clematis is already blooming, and there are also these little red blossoms, pictured above; I think this is Japanese quince.

The tulips shown below were blooming in March. I like them a lot; they're one of the first colourful signs of spring at the Pergola every year (and I think they look quite curious!).

Tulips at the Pergola
Tulips at the Pergola - 23 March 2011

Tulips at the Pergola
Tulips - 23 March 2011


  1. That Japanese quince is beautiful. This is definitely one of my very favourite gardens.


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