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Eastcote Walled Garden

The Dovecote - July 2018 I visited Eastcote Walled Garden on a very hot day in July 2018, on a walk onwards to Ruislip Lido. I'd already stopped at a nearby pub, the wonderfully named  The Case is Altered , and yet when I walked around the garden taking my photos, I felt as parched as the lawn there. It was a scorcher (difficult to think of in January 2024). I do believe these photos capture this. Flower beds in the Walled Garden, July 2018 The Dovecote and poppies, July 2018 Knautia and parched grass, July 2018 Lavender at Eastcote, July 2018 A wall of the garden, July 2018 The centre of the Walled Garden, July 2018 My album with all photos from my visit is here . Eastcote House Gardens lie in Hillingdon in west London. Other than the walled garden and dovecote, there's also an old coach house, which were retained at the public's request after Eastcote House itself was demolished in 1964. They have been Grade II listed since 1974. The gardens are maintained by

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