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Wisteria in Peckham Rye Park

The wisteria pergola in the Sexby Garden - May 2024 One of my favourite places in London is Hampstead's Pergola and Hill Garden , which is wonderful at any time of year, but particularly pretty when the climbers, such as roses and wisteria, are in bloom in late spring and early summer. It was this place that made me love a good wisteria pergola. It took me almost another 20 years to find the wisteria pergola in Peckham Rye Park's Sexby Garden, South London. Its location probably the reason why - South London just takes me longer to get to, so I don't go there a lot. This is definitely a place I'd missed out on. The abundance of wisteria here isn't rivalled anywhere else in London - the whole pergola is covered by it, and then there's more. Besides the wisteria, the Sexby Garden is a pretty little old-fashioned garden. On a sunny May day, the wisteria has been blooming for some time and its petals are already everywhere. Its beautiful scent is everywhere. Wisteri

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