The End of Spring at Fenton House

Of course, officially, spring is just a little more than a month old, but for me it is almost over, already fading into early summer. I think that spring begins with the first snowdrops and crocuses, and ends when the bluebells have gone.

At Fenton House, the spring meadow in the orchard has peaked now. There are forget-me-nots and yarrow, the grass is longer, the garden is looking wilder. Bluebells are flowering, too; they will still be here for a few more days.

Fenton House
Fenton House, seen from under the wisteria canopy - 28 April 2011

The Orchard Garden at Fenton House
Fading cherry blossoms in the orchard - 28 April 2011

Bluebells in the Garden at Fenton House
Bluebells in the orchard garden - 28 April 2011


  1. Beautiful photos! I agree Spring is pretty much over now. That bench by the cherry tree is my very favourite spot in the garden.


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