Strand-on-the-Green, Forever

Strand on the Green
September 2006

Strand-on-the-Green is a picturesque walkway on the Thames in Chiswick, west London, running east from Kew Bridge alongside historic houses and charming pubs. 

It was one of the first "little places" that I knew in London - by chance, as I was staying in the area and got introduced to this lovely place on a trip to one of its pubs. It still is one of my favourite spots in London, and I usually visit once a year.

Time passes differently here.

The river is still tidal here, and a full spring tide will flood the footpath (in which case you just have to stay in the pub).

There are three pubs in Strand-on-the-Green, which are particularly popular on nice evenings when you can sit outside and watch the river flow by: The Bell and Crown, the City Barge (where a scene from the Beatles film "Help!" was shot) and the Bull's Head.

How to get there:
Get to Strand-on-the-Green either by train, from Waterloo to Chiswick or Kew Bridge, or by District Line or Overground to Gunnersbury and bus and to Kew Bridge (bus numbers 237 and 267).

Strand on the Green, London
Houses in Strand-on-the-Green, June 2006

The Bell and Crown, Strand on the Green, London
The Bell and Crown pub, June 2006

Strand-on-the-Green seen from Kew Bridge, September 2006

Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick
The Dutch House and others seen from the beach, April 2010

Strand on the Green, London
The Bull's Head pub and Kew Railway Bridge, June 2006

Strand on the Green, London
The Thames at Strand-on-the-Green at low tide, April 2006