Dreaming of Summer at Capel Manor

Capel Manor Gardens

It is cold and I am looking forward to the first warm days of spring, and to visiting more parks and gardens again in the following months. This reminds me, one of my last garden visits in 2017 was to Capel Manor Gardens, in August, and I haven't posted the photos that I took there yet.

It was summer then, and I feel that the photos here show the warmth of those days. My favourite place at Capel Manor was the Walled Garden--I loved how secluded and quiet it was, and its old-fashioned planting, it felt like having travelled into a different time. The photos shown here are of the Walled Garden.

Capel Manor Gardens

Capel Manor Gardens

There is much, much more to see, though. A map that can be downloaded from the Capel Manor Gardens website shows all the different themed gardens there are, including trial gardens for Which? and the front and back gardens of Sunflower Street, designed by former students of Capel Manor College.

More information:

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