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Cannizaro Park's Crocuses in 2018

Crocuses flowering at Cannizaro House - 17 February 2018 Spring is almost here! The crocuses are back. Crocus-time and Cannizaro Park are two of my favourite things in London. When I first came to Cannizaro Park 8 years ago, I'd just missed most of the crocuses. I came back a year later to photograph them , and again in the next few years , until my last visit in 2013. I returned today. Compared to those previous years, the carpet in the Crocus Walk area didn't look as stunning (but still pretty). I don't know, as it's been rather cold, if more crocuses are yet to come. Those that were out looked a bit battered, maybe from the recent rain. Still, with the sunshine, the sweet scent of the flowers in the air, and bumblebees buzzing around them, it was as lovely there as always. I got as close to the action as I could and took lots of crocus close-ups!

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