The End of Summer in Cannizaro Park

Cannizaro Park was stunning in spring this year. I loved the crocuses in February, and the other spring blossoms in March and April–and then there was the dry weather. When I last visited the park in May, I thought that it looked very summery already, compared to last year, too.

Now summer seems to come and gone already; the dry grass, the trees that are beginning to change colour, the fallen leaves, and the autumn flowers that have started to appear give the park an autumnal feel.

And Cannizaro Park in autumn is something to look forward to...

The Iris Garden, Cannizaro Park
The Iris Garden in Cannizaro Park - 24 August 2011

Autumn Leaf, Cannizaro Park
Fallen leaves - 24 August 2011

Cyclamen, Cannizaro Park
Cyclamen, near the Sunken Garden - 24 August 2011


  1. The fallen leaves photo is beautiful, Laura. Hope you get chance to visit again in the autumn and post some more photos.


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