Golders Hill Park in Spring

Cherry Tree in Golders Hill Park
Cherry tree in Golders Hill Park - 23 March 2011

When I'm walking around Hampstead Heath, I usually pay Golders Hill Park a visit, too. It's just around the corner from the Pergola and Hill Garden.
(I'll write more about Golders Hill Park at a later date.)

I've already been to Golders Hill Park a few times this year, this was where I saw my first crocuses in the beginning of February, and this early flowering rhododendron a couple of weeks later.
Most recently, I visited the park on a sunny spring morning, to take the photos featured in this post; mainly of the beautifully blossoming cherry tree, which I love seeing every spring.

As I've already collected quite a few pictures, I've now created a new set that I hope to update with more soon: Golders Hill Park in Spring 2011

Golders Hill Park
Golders Hill Park on a spring morning - 23 March 2011

Daffodils in Golders Hill Park
Daffodils in the flower garden - 23 March 2011

Daffodils in Golders Hill Park
Daffodils, with the bandstand in the background - 23 March 2011


  1. Must go here too! I adore the Pergola Garden but didn't realise this park existed. Still so much of the Heath to explore!

  2. Oh, it's really just around the corner from the Pergola, if you look at a map of Hampstead Heath, you'll see it's really close!

    It gets busy on weekends, with many families having a picnic there (it's a great place for that), during the week it's usually not as busy. It can be nice in the evening, lovely light.


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