The Garden at Fenton House

Fenton House in Hampstead is closed over the winter and will reopen in two weeks' time, on 5 March. Its garden has just woken up at this time of the year--there's a lovely spring meadow of glory of the snow, daffodils, snake's head fritillary and other flowers blooming beneath the apple trees in the orchard. Don't miss this when visiting Hampstead in the spring!

About Fenton House:

Fenton House is a National Trust property, a former 17th century merchant's house on Windmill Hill. The house itself is well worth a visit, but its main attraction is the perfect English garden it is set in: A walled garden that features a formal lawn, a sunken rose garden, a kitchen garden and a 300 years old apple orchard.

The garden isn't just beautiful in spring, but also in June when the roses are in bloom, and another great time to visit Fenton House is when the apples are ripe later in the summer. Each year in September, Apple Day is held in the garden, which gives visitors the opportunity to discover all the different apple varieties that grow in the orchard and purchase home-made produce.

How to get there:

Fenton House is situated on Windmill Hill. From Hampstead Tube station, walk up Heath Street, then follow the steps that lead up to Holly Hill; Windmill Hill is just around the corner.

The garden will close again for the winter in the end of October this year (for opening times, see the National Trust's website); the admission fee is £1.

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Photos of Fenton House and the garden in summer:

Fenton House Garden, Hampstead
Fenton House seen from the garden, June 2010

Fenton House Garden, Hampstead
The sunken rose garden, June 2010

Fenton House Garden, Hampstead
A bench in the garden at Fenton House, June 2010

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